RSB Spring Happenings

Apr 07, 2011
Happy Spring.
I know you'd rather be out basking in the sunshine & strolling in the cool breeze while you fly a kite and sip your lemondade - rather than reading long emails from you favorite Texas singer songwriter/worship leader.
So, this will be to the point and allow such recreation to commence. 
There are some RSB happenings and such that I wanted you to be aware of:
'O Great Love' is the title of RSB's latest radio single. We'd be thrilled if you called your local radio station and asked them ever so kindly to spin said track. Also, if your iTunes does not currently contain such a song, click here and turn those computer speakers to 11.
If you play guitar and enjoy yourself some RSB music, this is our gift to you. Chord charts and lyrics for the album 'Miracle' are now posted on our site and available for free download here Rock & Roll is alive and well. 
We're beyond thrilled to return to one of the great festivals of the summer. Cornerstone Festival is in Bushnell,IL and we'll be taking the main stage on Sunday night July 3 at 830pm. If you've never been to Cornerstone, I promise you this is the best festival we play all year. (Last time we played the main stage it was with the amazing Over The Rhine, Charlie Peacock & David Crowder). Info & Tickets at
Thanks to each of you for your support and kindness to RSB through the years. Grateful each day to share music and life with you.
Cheers and happy kite flying,
By robbie