Parker/Haiti Adoption: Pray At 3pm Today

Feb 01, 2010


I want to quickly update you on Ronel & the Parkers. (click the link at the bottom of the blog to read their story)

First off, thanks for your overwhelming response in contacting Congressman Poe and others. Both Ted Poe & Senator Cornyn have personally responded to me and the Parkers and were instrumental in getting the final paperwork approved.

As of a few minutes ago, we believed to the final step that remained was the approval of Ronel’s adoption by the Haitian Prime Minister, which is standard and usually simple. However, we have just learned there has been an issue with Ernest’s fingerprints. This information, needed to prove his identity, must come from the US. Ernest is now being told at least one more day of delay. Ernest is tired and sleep deprived and with the news of his fingerprints, very upset. Ronel is also scared that he might not be approved to ever leave Port-Au-Prince. The waiting area of the US embassy is overcrowded today, all serious and desperate cases.

At 3pm today, I’m asking you to stop wherever you are and to pray for Ronel, Ernest & Debra (who has been home with 3 kids for the last week, including a young baby).

Please pray that God would clear the way for them to return today.
Pray that the bond between father & son will be strengthened through this trial.
Pray for quick response from the US.
Pray for a quick response from the Haitian Prime Minister and a quick and simple travel plan to get them home.
Pray for peace at home and strength for Debra.

I will keep you updated today and tomorrow. We hope to have a few hundred folks at the airport to celebrate with them – so I’ll pass that info along when the time comes.

Thanks & Blessings,

*The Parker’s story is featured on the front page of Today’s Houston Chronicle. click here to read the article

By robbie