HAPPY 2013!

Jan 16, 2013


I'm grateful for each of you and your support of our music through the years.

There are a few things I wanted to give you an update on as we begin a new year together:



As some of you know already, Jan 1 marked a new season for me as I'm no longer leading worship at Ecclesia. 

I am forever grateful for 13 years with a community full of great friends and family.

What's next? 

I'm not sure.

God was leading our family away from Ecclesia for many reasons and into a season of rest and renewal + a chance to go to church and worship together for a change (which has been such a beautiful thing for us).

And we are praying about what the next season in life will look like. We are praying that if God wants us to lead in a community that He will make that clear in 2013.



I have not spoken publicly until now about a beautiful, soon to be 5 year old girl named "K" (we'll wait to disclose her full name after adoption) who God placed in our family a year ago this January.

K's family is from our community and I wanted to be careful about posting anything out of respect for her and the family + because of guidelines that CPS has for online postings of foster children.


Here's a quick recap of the last year with K:

On Jan 2,2011 - Liz sat down asked if we should consider praying about fostering here in Houston - in addition to our hopes of adopting from Haiti (something we are still hopeful about). I said "Maybe". How's that for commitment?

We talked some more - and then our phone rang. Right then!

We had received some training for fostering but never thought we'd get a call in that very moment as we were having the discussion -- "We have a 3 year old who needs a home. She lives a few miles from you and we can have her in your house within 24 hours."

We were shocked because we had conveniently skirted God on a number of issues on our lives and here this call came..as if God himself was calling. We said yes. K came the next day and has been her for 13 months. 

She is still currently considered a foster child so I cannot post any pictures of her yet but she is doing great. The E's love her like a sister - and she is doing great in preschool.

Please pray as her adoption into our family is pending and could be finalized in the next few months, God willing.



I'm going to start this new year by taking some time off from social media. I will be spending several days a week away alone to pray, read, write and listen - dream about what God has for my family and for RSB in 2013. So if I seem strangely silent on Twitter or Facebook for a little bit - well that's why. Will you say a prayer for me during this time for peace, clarity & productive writing?

I will begin JAN 20th - returning online FEB 20th.


RSB IN 2013

I am very excited about several projects that we are dreaming about in 2013. We hope to announce plans for new music and shows on Feb 20th.


In the meantime, please help us spread the word about the FREE download of "Rich & Poor" on Noisetrade. Here's the link - 



Blessings and Thanks for listening,


By robbie