Nov 10, 2010
Today is a national holiday -- "Groves Day".

No, not General Leslie Richard Groves who served as military director of the atomic bomb project in the 1930's -- as so many of you were thinking. Not so fast...

Sara Groves & Shaun Groves.
They're not related.
They're not working on a record together.
They don't live in the same state.
I haven't the slightest idea if they even know each other.
But they seem to share much in common.
Neither seems to care much for fame or recognition.
Neither seems to care about making music for the sake of industry or career.
Both seem to value songwriting and honest expression in their art & songs.
Both place faith, family & mission above all in their life - even if it means sacrificing money & accolades.
I have great respect for both of them as friends & artists.
here's the scoop:
Shaun is preparing to record a new album and is inviting you & I to join him. read more  -->
Sara has recorded a live Christmas record in a prison. Yes, a prison - and its beautiful and moving - and a prison sing along is about as 'Jesus' as it gets. Oh..and its free!!!  
So, join me in helping make some music with Shaun & receiving some free music from Sara.
Happy GROVES DAY everybody!
By robbie