An Evening Of Story And Song

Sep 20, 2011

Chad Karger is a friend and mentor.
He has counseled me through good times and bad.
He & his wife Meeka are the godparents of two of my kids.
When he asked RSB to be a part of a night of music and story that would benefit his organization, we said a resoudning YES!

Better Days is the name of his organization and as you might have stored in the back of your mind somewhere - the title track to an album we recorded in 2004.

Our music and his work not only share name, but in many ways share vision.

Read more about the mission of Better Days and the work of Chad Karger at --> Click Here

And so, this Friday in Houston, RSB will join friends JILLIAN EDWARDS, JILL PHILLIPS & ANDY GULLAHORN for a concert to benefit the work of Better Days.

Here's the info:

Rhythm: An Evening of Story & Song
First Presbyterian Church of Houston
5300 Main Street

Tickets and more info --> Click Here

Hope to see you there.

By robbie